Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Downtown Orlando 9/5 part 2

In part one of our Downtown Orlando adventure I described for you how I thought I was involved in one of the last evangelism encounters of my life. I also promised to tell you about another incident that occurred that same night that was pretty scary for us also.

After about 2hrs of walking around and no dinner it was time for Shawn and I to get some grub. We decided to stop at a pizza place. It was one of those small New York style joints. After getting some laughs for the Million Dollar Bill we stuck in the tip jar and receiving our order we looked for a place to sit. Being that it was small, seating was limited and the only seat we could find was in an area between the counter and a window that looked out on to the sidewalk. We sat down we began to swap stories about some of the people we spoke to.

As we were talking a homeless man tapped on the window holding out a half eaten banana pepper. I was in kind of a funny mood being that I just survived a rather scary event, so I opened my mouth toward the window as if to take a bite of it at the same moment the homeless man reaches to pull his zipper down to...(ill let you imagine) so I turned my head quickly away when to my surprise he and a friend walk into the pizza place and sit at our table. He holds out the pepper and tries to get me to eat it again. I of course denied and tried to change the subject by asking him his name. He and his friend are being very loud and obnoxious and tells me "I am Chief and that is Dog." For some reason Chief had the need to tell us that Dog was packing a gun and then asks the strangest question. "Are you guys Christians?" Now here I am again thinking that if we say yes this guy could kill us! Oh well I survived one I'll survive this time also so I reply, "Yes, how'd ya know?" he said that he could just tell because we had an ora about us. Then he says "it must be the Holy Spirit because I'm a Christian to!" I saw the opportunity to witness to them and all the people that our now focused on our loud conversation. So I ask him why he thought he was a Christian and that if he died how certain was he that he would go to heaven. At this point he says, "Like I said I'm Christian why don't you talk to my friend Dog" so i direct the questions to him all the while knowing the many ears that were listening. So I ask him about himself and he says that he really doesn't believe in all that but insisted God would let him to heaven because his life has been so bad that he deserves something good in exchange.

As I started to really get into it the store manager comes and kicks them out. I was able to get them and some of the patrons gospel tracts and I hope and pray that God work on their hearts.

So the next time you pray please pray for the safety of evangelist and that God protects them as they enter into places way worse then where I was at! Also pray for the people I write about that they would repent and put their trust in Jesus Christ the saviour of man.

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