Sunday, August 24, 2008

The MonaVie Gospel

Im going to start calling the health and wealth gospel, "The Mona Vie gospel" If your not familiar with Mona Vie, it is a "health" drink that features the Acai-berry, is very expensive, and very popular in my neck of the woods. I'm guessing by the their slogan that the distributors of Mona Vie either go to a modern evangelical church or share the same marketing firm. ;)
"Better Health Better Wealth"


  1. What a STUPID point of view. Are you THAT afraid of success? Or just jealous of others'? You'll probably hate me then.

    I've seen this marketing and compensation plan and it's absolutely fantastic.
    Personally, I don't need the income, but I'm tempted to start up one of their distributorships because the product (which I DO drink) is fantastic for you, and the 'plan' is easier than managing my fat portfolio.

  2. LOL! No I don't hate you because of your success and I'm certainly not jealous of anyone in anyway! If your successful that's great! I just hope it doesn't define who are. I actually own a really successful business myself, but it is not thing that drives me! I make the money the money doesn't make me.

    I actually think we have a misunderstanding. The post was not a shot at Mona Vie, Health, or Wealth. A few of my friends sell it and do very well! I actually have had a bottle and really enjoyed the taste, but since I'm in great health I didn't see a need for it.

    The comment was really toward the False Gospel that is the prosperity gospel and also how churches use false promises of health and health which are not promised for all to draw people to Jesus. Its really a kind of a conservative biblical Christian inside joke.

    So im sorry if I offend you in anyway!

    The one thing I do know is on the day when our health fails, your wealth is useless, we will have to stand before God and be judged. The question is are you going to enter into heaven? This site and I only exist to make sure you and others know the answer to that question. If your not sure click the link to the right that says "The Gospel"

    God bless you and good luck with you Mona Vie business!


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