Thursday, August 21, 2008

Im A Good Person

On our 4th of july adventure Shawn and I had the opportunity to witness to a bunch of people. One of which was an old friend of Shawn's. After catching up a bit Shawn swung the conversation into the spiritual and asked the man if he thought he was going to heaven. He said, "Of course!" When asked why he said the usual, "because im a Good person." Of course after a little prying and comparing him to the 10 commandments we tried to show him he wasnt, but he still thought that he was better then most and that he would still go to heaven because Hell is actuall here on earth. We spent a few minutes showing him the problem with that view and how much worse hell is going to be then the worst here on earth. After we gave him the gospel and some tracts we sent him on his way still self righteous.

The reason Im telling you this almost 2 months after the fact is because we found his name and mug shot in the police news section of today's paper. Turns out this "Good Person" is really not so good after all. According to the paper he was arrested for "Possession of a pound of marijuana that Officers found while they searched his home for evidence that he had sex with a 14-year-old girl."

I think its sad that this happened to the young girl and to the perpetrator. I wonder if you were to talk to him today would he still consider himself a good person. The only good thing is that he heard the gospel presented biblical only a short time ago and this could be the act that God uses to wake him up. Please Pray for him.

Also while I was fishing around the police web site I found a few of my old friends being charged with attempted murder! Its a pretty crazy story read it here. It just reminds me of how great God is for pulling me out of that lifestyle and how He has given me a heavy burden for the people from the "hood" and the youth that idolizes this lifestyle.
The picture is only for illustrative purposes and is not the mug shot of the 
actual offender. picture credits got to: Ligadier Truffaut

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