Friday, August 8, 2008

I cant see: Evang-a-trick

I had  breakfast with my good buddy Joe "Joe Boy" Shell and he told me an interesting way that he got someone to read a gospel tract. Joe described the guy, who is a coworker of his, as kind of a hard nose who would have never read the Million Dollar Bill tract if he just handed it to him. So while on break Joe, rubbing his eyes, calls the man over and asks, "I don't have my glasses can you read this to me?  The man obliged and began to read the tract out loud to Joe. Joe says that the man stammered a little while reading the law! After he finished reading it Joe asked, in his country accent, "Well, wudcha thank?" and began a conversation about Christ!

It is awesome to hear stories about witness encounters and how God can use so many different situations to get His gospel to people!

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  1. Noiz,

    Our brother Joe is quite the creative one, isn't he. That was a great idea he had. I would have never thought of that myself. Thanks for sharing.



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