Monday, August 18, 2008

Hurricane Evangelism

As Fay Approches Florida and the possibility of it becoming a hurricane increases the people in Central Florida are getting preapared. The Gas Stations, Hardware stores and Grocery stores are all full of people and when people gather the opertunity for witnessing increases.

A few good ideas to bring the gospel to these people are to, drive around and stop at packed gas stations and begin to hand out tracts by saying something like, "Its crazy to see all these people getting ready for the hurricane! We're out here handing out tracts to make sure people are ready for eternity." If your really brave you can stand on the public sidewalk and open air preach to all people gathered at the pumps.

 Really any tract will work for this, but a great tract to have on hand for thing like this is the "Are You Ready?" tract from Custom Tract Source.

If you do this please share your experince with me!

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