Monday, August 4, 2008

Car Show

A few weeks ago a friend of mine in the neighborhood told me about a car show and that he and his friend, who has a very loud sound system, would be competing. I knew this would be a great opportunity to pass out tracts and maybe have some conversations. So I call my "street brother" Braz and ask him to join me. Although he had a minor bout with fear (read more here), he obliged and we set out on yet another adventure.

We arrived at the Car Show and there were a few hundred people in attendance. It was a lot different then I had imagined so I really didn't know how to approach these people. There was tons of loud music and a lot of interruptions, so conversation was out of the question. We originally thought it would be a good time to break out our newest tract "Jesus Aint Your Homeboy." I only handed one out and it just seemed really weird when the guy read the front of it which say's "Jesus aint your homeboy! He's your judge." So I decided to opt for "ol' faithful" the Million Dollar Bill tract.

I found a crowd gathered around the "Drag Wars" table. This is where 2 vehicles compete to see who has the most bass. I started passing out tracts and only had one objection the old man in the picture above. After passing it to all the other people in the photo (Who you can see reading it) I turn to the old man and say with a smile, "did you get one?" He kept his hands in his pocket and just stared in to my eyes. I offered to buy the tickets in his pocket for a million and he just raised one eye brow and gave me the "Get out of my face" look. So I did!

I passed out around 90 or more tracts in only a few minutes. We even had one guy take the tracts and put them in his spinner rims which inspired the evangelistic video above. We had a great time but I guess I  parked in an unmarked "designated area" and was asked to move, so we figured it was time to leave.

On the way home we stopped at a gas station and it ended up that the guy at the register was an old friend of ours. Braz was paying for our stuff (Thanks bro) and took the oppertunity to talk with him a bit. Read more about that here.

I learned alot about passing out tracts today. It has been one of the  biggest struggles for me to over come my fear of rejection. I would sometimes rather stand up a do open air then pass out tracts. The thing I have learned that has helped me is that as long as you are, prayed up and trusting the Lord, calm, and make the tract seem like it is something they need, you cant go wrong. I sometimes like to say "Were passing these out and  we dont want to pass anyone over, did you get one?" This peaks there interest and they usually grab it. I also like to "be real." I like to find things to compliment them on as im holding out the tract for them to grab. I say things like, "Nice Shirt," I like that hat," or " Oh your a Eagles fan! I know you loose a lot of money on bets. here's a million to make up for your loss" O.K. I haven't use that last one yet but you get the picture.

Now I cant wait till the next adventure.

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