Monday, August 11, 2008

Beach Party Adventure

Saturday night Shawn and I went to the St. Cloud Lakefront and were looking forward to a great evening of evangelism right here in my home town! But when we arrived it began to rain and we watched as the decently large crowd dispersed. Not letting a random act of nature defeat us, we decided that we would wait it out under a pavilion.

When the rain finally stopped we went over to survey what we were working with. We saw a grand total of about  5-10 people left over from the rains. So we figured were here we might as well hang out and hope the people return.

It was dusk and the sky was gorgeous so we went over to a aluminum dock that was about 100 yards from the event. We stood at the end of the dock and had some great fellowship while watching the sun set and before we knew it, it was dark.

Just when we were about to head back to the event and pass out tracts we hear loud footsteps on the aluminum dock and see two large figures walking our direction. It was the Cops! At first I thought they were going to harrass this drunk and still drinking homeless guy who was sitting near us enjoying his beer and the music from the event. But when I saw one stop at him and  the other walking our direction I knew we were going to be told to leave.Having taken the advise of Evangelist Tony Miano I pressed record on my recorder just encase things were to get out of hand.

The Officer asked for our I.D.'s and made us wait, until they were done with the drunk guy, at the end of the dock under a pavilion. While waiting for them we met two teens who, while later trying to witness to them ,realized that I had witnessed to the female one almost a year earlier after one of my "concerts." It was kind of interesting to run into and old fish, but it stunk to see their was absolutely NO life change she actually admits to being Bisexual! Kind of bitter-sweet.

Anyway, back to the Cops. After they were done with the 'Drunk Guy" they approached us. They of course called our names in to the station and we were sure hoping we didn't have any warrants from our times before Christ. Once they figured out we were warrant free, they asked us to put our bags down and began to frisk us. I remembered that I had over 200 Million Dollars in Tracts in my pockets and was worried what the Cop would say. Would I go to jail for, having large amounts of money, or would it be for counterfeit? I tried to peak the cops interest in the bills, and warn him they were there just before being frisked in hopes it would lead into the gospel some how. But he pulled them out and said with a laugh, "you're a rich man" and then stuffed them back in my pants. He  then frisked Shawn and asked if we had any drugs on us. We told him No and then he eventually let us go.

By the time we were done with the cops, and talking with the two teens we met, the event was almost over and there was still nobody there. We decided to pack it up and go home.

It was an interesting night in St. Cloud with alot of action and little evagelism. I really have a heart for the people in my town and look foward to the next community event, The Main Street "Cruise Into Fall" on Sat. Sept. 12, from 8:00 to 11:00! We'll keep you updated.

Police image courtesy of Danny Hammontree

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