Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Witnessing For Jehovah

This Saturday was a day like I would have never expected. It started off pretty normal, I woke up at 6:30 AM, did my devotions, and headed off to our Mens Ministry Group. We had a great meeting which actually went longer then normal due to all the wonderful discussions that were taking place.

After Mens group I headed out to find something to do. My first Idea was to go to the local park and pass out tracts. But it was still to early and I figured not many people would be out there yet. So I decided to call Shawn to see if I could come to his work and eat lunch (or brunch) with him.

While on my way to meet up with Shawn I pass by Heritage Park Convetion Center, which is our little towns biggest convention facility, and saw a sign that read, "Welcome Jehovah's Witnesses." So I swung (or swang as we say it) my truck back around to scope the scene. I pulled in, parked my truck, sat for a minute, and thought to myself, "o.k., now what?"

I decided this is an opportunity that I couldn't pass up. So I got out of my truck and walked (a long ways) to the front doors hoping someone would try to witness to me. I was also hoping to go inside, but was afraid they wouldn't let me in because I was way under dressed. All the JW men were wearing suits, ties and carrying a briefcase of some sort. I was dressed in a t-shirt, baggy jean shorts, tennis shoes, sunglasses, a side ways hat, and my evang-a-bag. I must have stood out like a sore thumb.

Once in, I walked straight up to the "Information Desk" and asked for directions. I really wanted to see how many people were gathered in the auditorium. I also wanted to listen to the sermon for a minute just to get a feel for what they were all about. There must have been 2,000+ people there listening to a man preach on Romans 10:9. which has the addition of Jehovah instead of Lord. I finally had enough! I had to leave. I figured I would at least tract the cars in the parking lot, but when a nice JW handed me a schedule, I knew God had more planned.

 I walked back out to the parking lot with my heart pounding I knew I had to do more then tract the cars. Because I knew that they wouldn't read them anyway. then it hit me, I have to preach!!!!! Oh how my heart began to pound!! I had NEVER done that before. I made every excuse in my head not to. I called Braz hoping he would talk me out of it. Nope!! He had nothing but encouragement! I called Shawn, same thing! Not only did I get encouragement from them, as I prayed, the Lord gave me a peace beyond peace and a confidence that could have won a war.

So I pull my truck up where about 15 JW's were walking out of the lot, I climbed into the back, took a deep breath, and began one of my most prolific sermonettes ever. It was 65% Law, 10% apologetics and 25% Grace. It was a beast of a sermon and a grand total of 1 minute. Oh boy, I had no idea that a 1 minute street sermon would feel like 1 hour and take the energy of a 2 hour sermon!

But God wasn't done yet he saved the best for later. part 2 tomorrow


  1. First off I cant wait to read part 2. I really want to hear it so when you get it ready put it up. Also there are some gramer problems, and your math does not add up to 100%. GOD is doing something great in you bro and I can see your furits coming out. Keep it up and remember iron sharpins iron.

  2. Cujo,
    One thing you need to know about me is that I cant spell, add, and have the grammatical skills of an 8th grader! Some times my computer freezes up while running spell check;) Thank you for reading it well enough to find them. I will fix the addition problem and what ever grammar I can find.


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