Friday, July 25, 2008

Todd Bentley's Pastors Craziness

As you may have noticed I have slowed down on posting Todd Bentley videos latlety. The reason is that I would rather post Biblical stuff that can teach people correctly, then waste any more time trying to expose the fraudulent "Preacher."  So far we have seen videos of  Todd, kicking a man in the stomachpeople convulsing on stage, and his violent ministry. I mean how many crazy videos does one need to see to determine that this is a false teacher?

Well if the last few video clips didn't convince you I think your self deceived and need to repent! But maybe this new video will help you to see the truth  behind the Todd Bentley ministry (if there is any). The Clip below contains the Lakeland revival campus pastor admitting to lying! I can think of a few verses to post in response but I really think only one hits the nail in the head, "Thou Shall Not Lie!"

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