Saturday, July 5, 2008

Todd Bentley Craziness: Does it get any crazier then this?

This a video of "Revival" preacher Todd Bentley Kicking a man with stage 4 colon cancer in his stomach. I don't think Ive seen a more disturbing clip coming from the Charismatic Healing Sect of Christianity. Would I be jumping the gun by saying this is not only a false prophet but a really obvious one? How is it that people are duped by this garbage? I sure hope that in the ages to come this isn't how they remember Christianity in the 2000's

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  1. I'm with you on this, Bentley is very much suspect, though not only because of Todd's actions here.

    I am led to believe that he is coming over to Leeds (England) and is charging £25 for entry: Charging entry to church is not acceptable - God's healing is free!

    So yes I really struggle with what is going on there.

    God bless



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