Monday, July 28, 2008

Todd Bentley's evangelism school

If any one has been following the craziness going on down in Lakeland, FL. You know that Todd Bentley and his revival is the most horrific thing to happen in "christianity." It has caused people to fall under false teaching and the rest of the world laugh at true Christianity!

Well, did you know that Todd Bentley has an evangelism training class? This class trains people up in what is called "Prophetic Evangelism." what the evangelists do is walk the streets and "Guess" peoples problems and heal people from sickness, addiction, ect. Todd Bentley claims that over 10,600 Prophetic evangelists have been trained up and our now running loose on the streets of Lakeland, FL! Right in my back yard!!!

Do you know the amount of people that are going to hear this false gospel from these avangelsts! Thousands!! This should encourage you to go out and share your faith with people before they hear this garbage from these crazy people.

Here is a link to a video that describes the events of a "Prophetic Evangelism" encounter. Check out more encouters like this on youtube here. Then check out what biblical evangelism looks and sounds like here

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