Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I read this in a great article by Dan Phillips on the Pyromaniacs blog and it reminded me of something I was complaining about recently.
"This is... church? So here comes this brother into the assembly of the saints, hoping for a rest from the battles of the week, a moment to regroup, sing, pray, get the Word, fellowship. He looks up to the choir, or to his left or his right — and in a tick of the clock, he's facing the same struggle he faced every time he turned on his TV, opened a magazine, or went down a city street. He's seeing things that make it far too easy for him not to keep his mind focused where it needs to be focused.

And he's not in a nightclub, he's not at a singles' bar, he's not at the beach. He's in church."

A few weeks ago I go to a "Christian" concert at a "church" and as I am walking up to the front to pay admission (I wont go there) I notice that the woman handling the admission table was very beautiful, very well endowed and to my horror was dressed very provocative. I remember struggling not to look.

As I was going into the show I was thinking to myself "Man I didn't expect to have to struggle with that at a church." Once I entered I was pretty much over it. That is until the same woman shows up inside and is dancing right in front of me. I was so distracted I had to move. This was really weighing heavy on my mind for a few days. I mean I would understand if an unsaved or new Christian rolled up dressed like that, but a leader? Come on!!

Ladies, do us and yourselves a favor. COVER UP. This is one of the hardest struggles for most men. I cant count the times if sat at a table with my brothers in Christ and a scantly dressed girl walks by. It is so uncomfortable!

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  1. Amen! Cover up and show some respect for yourselves and others!


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