Friday, July 11, 2008

Rashard Lewis Gets a Milllion!

My friend Shawn called to inform me today that Orlando Magic basket ball player, Rashard Lewis was going to be at the grand opening of Circuit City in town. Circuit City is located in our fishing hole an outdoor mall called The Loop. We figured a professional NBA player in our small town would draw a crowd. And with a crowd brings about a great opportunity to hand out gospel tracts to the masses.

When we arrived there was only a handful of people who came out for the opening. We saw Rashard Lewis pre-signing some basket balls. I seized the opportunity, stepped over the velvet rope, and stuck my hand out to shake his. He looked confused, but was polite, so I followed my handshake with, "here's another mill to add to your collection" and handed him a Million Dollar Bill gospel tract. He smiled and proceeded to autograph it. Two other tall men, who were probably his friends, asked if it was real. I said "Oh yea, its got a real message on it," and handed them each one a bill. After Rashard Lewis handed me the signed bill back, I made sure to hand him another.

As we walked away I could see all three men reading the backs of their new million dollar bill.

What an awsome God I serve!  Pray for Lewis and his friends.


  1. That is so awsome bro! Hopefuly they understood it. I will keep them in my prayers.

  2. Noiz,

    God is even using you to reach celeb's, that awesome! I’ve seen them reached by "The Way of the Master" crew, but I never thought that my own best friend would be used to reach a celeb and right here at home too. God is awesome! I pray that they read and understand the message on the tract, it could be their only opportunity to receive the real gospel. Awesome!!! Praise the Lord Jesus Christ for giving us the opportunity to serve Him! Thank you for being soooooo obedient and fighting the good fight!

  3. It was unexpected but it was a blessing. I sure hope others have the same opertunity I had.

  4. Question of IdentityJuly 13, 2008 at 4:19 PM

    Well done for taking this opportunity. Will indeed pray for Richard and all the others who received the tract.

    Keep on keeping on


  5. Neil,
    I thank you for the encouragement! It is a rare occasion that we evangelists get a chance to give a tract to someone that is worth $118 million.


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