Monday, July 14, 2008

Our Last Night at The Loop

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Last night, at our newest fishing hole The Loop, we had a great evening. Braz(L) and I(R) were finally able to hook up and do some evangelizing. As usual, we start our nights at The Loop with prayer and fellowship at my favorite BBQ spot Shane's Rib Shack.

After we got done eating we hit the strip. We were very limited on time so we decided to count out 40 tracts (Twenty each) to pass out and hoped to have at least one conversation. Since Braz hasn't been with us on the last few outings he was fired up and was handing out tracts like a madman.

We had great success with the new Million Dollar Bills and only had one refusal. A young man who yelled out  "I don't need one! My moms a pastor!" We would have loved to address this, but he was already a few feet away. So a Fired up Braz yells back, "You wont deny Him on judgment day!" After he said that he looked at me and said something like "That probably wasn't the best thing to yell."

As we continued walking, we ran into a group of teens that Braz had given tracts to earlier and they asked, "Do you have anymore? The cops on the other side of the mall want one." We gave them more tracts and proceeded to interview them. We asked how many commandments can you name? And they got a few right. Then we asked how many beers can you name? And again they got a few right. I used this to spring into the law which of course they all failed.

  Just about the time I got to grace, a Security Officer butts in and asks, "Are you the guys handing these fake bills? You cant do that on this property." We agreed not to hand them out anymore and continued our conversation and by God's grace we were able to squeeze in God's grace.After we walked away the Security Guard informed us that we would have to leave the property. We thanked him for doing his job and graciously left the premises.

It was a great night for us. We were obedient to the Lord and handed out around 30 tracts before we were asked to leave. It was kind of gratifying being able to handle the security guard in a mature and polite way. It shows that God has grown me so much. In my past I probably would have left in the back of  a Squad Car.

It is sad that I will no longer be able to sew into the lives of those teens anymore. I pray that God  sends someone else in other areas of their life to bring them the good news of Jesus Christ.

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One of the teens mentions a video called A Letter From Hell. Here is a link to see it for yourself. Caution: it is a troubling video and should alarm you into sharing your faith.

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  1. You missed the 2nd commandment

    Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:


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