Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Wife Has Fun With Tracts

My wife went out for her "Moms night out" and had some fun with the Million dollar bill tracts. Now anybody that knows my wife knows how excited she gets when she tells a story and this time was no different. She told me this story as soon as she walked in the door and I told her to write it out so I could post it here.
                                  Starbucks Fun

My friend Emily(L) and I(R) were going to do our special “mom’s night out” thing, where we go to Starbucks while our husbands stay home with the kids so we can fellowship and relax over some coffee. On the way there, I grabbed some perfume out of my glove and saw some gospel tracts I had in there. I thought dang! I need to stock up on some million dollar bills but remembered I had a few in my purse just in case. 

So we meet at Starbucks and as soon as we walk in, I notice a Watchtower pamphlet in clear view on an open table and thought to myself “naw, I can’t be havin’ that” so I grabbed it, crumpled it up and replaced it with the stack of millions I had. We sit down with our coffee and as were catching up,  I’m just watching people walk by and thinking “wow, nobody has even taken a double take.” Finally I quit paying attention and all of a sudden I hear with excitement, “what’s that, who put that there? Oh it’s a million dollars, I’m a millionaire! Did you get one of these?” It was a Starbucks employee who found them then handed them out to all the other employees and a customer.
I am just watching in awe, I have never seen anyone so excited. They were all flipping it around reading the million dollar question, they put one in the tip jar, and one of the employees even commented on how they should decoupage it on the outside of the tip jar. It was amazing! I asked Emily “are you seeing this” she was like “yeah, you just replaced some false teaching with the truth and they’re loving it”. 
We took it back to grade school when we high-fived each other and said "another job well done : )"

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  1. Wow! That's awesome; I am glad that you blogged about this, it makes me happy to hear about their experience. Too bad I didn't hear it from Em first. Oh well? LOL


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