Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July adventure

Yesterday was the 4th of July and the mark of a great day in the history of America. It was this very day in 1776 we adopted the Declaration of Independence, declaring independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. It is a day celebrated by fireworks, picnics, and city sponsored events. Which brings forth a great opportunity to hand out tracts and witness to people.

This year Shawn(L) and I(R) decided to hit up the City of Kissimmee's annual 4th of July Celebration. Which included concerts, fun, games, fireworks and food. Since our city's population growth over the last years, the local events are packed with people making a great spot to hand out tracts. Our weapon of choice was the "Freedom?" tract by This tract was easy to pass out because of it's patriotic and collectible look. We did not have one refusal out of the 100 we passed out.(Im buying more next year)

We had a great time! But with us being the only two evangelists in attendance we were very overwhelmed by the amount of people in our small town. But that was quickly thrown to the wind as we started hand out tracts to as many people as we passed. We had a few conversations with people but it seems all the people I spoke to were Christians.

One of which was a nice Man who was an evangelist himself at one point in time. He was also into prison ministry for many years. I gave him my contact info so I could get involved in this type of ministry. Upon further conversation I found out he had a liver disease and was terminally ill. So be in prayer for him and his family pictured above.

The young man pictured above was a surprise. I walked over to him and handed him a tract and after a little conversation I asked him were he thought he would go when he died. He replied heaven, as most do, only when I asked the next question. "Why?"  He replied with, "Because Jesus died for my sins and i'm covered by His blood." I was taken back by his response so I fired back with, "if you stand before God on judgment day and He asks, Why should he let you into his heaven, what will you say?" His response was, "Because I trust in Jesus for the forgiveness of my sins." I was excited to hear a young man with a decent grasp on Soteriology. I chatted with him for a minute then gave him a free Holy Hip Hop mix CD.

All in all it was a great time we handed out all of our freedom tracts, some million dollar bills, pink and blue optical illusions, and put tracts in the windshield wipers of cars. But I think the greatest thing of the night was to see Shawn actually engaging people with conversation. He brought at least 5 people through the law and the gospel. It is magical seeing a new Christian with such zeal and a sense of urgency about giving people the gospel. He is an encouragement to me and other evangelist I know.

There is one thing that has been bothering me today, but more on that in part 2.

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