Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Todd Bentley Craziness #101

Understanding some of the false teaching thats going on is helpful in evangelism. For me I like to see what Todd Bentley is up to because he is only a few miles from my house so I am bound to run into on one of his followers.

This has got to be the most disturbing clips of false teaching I have ever seen!!! These people are out of their minds! In my past I had a lot of wild nights but I think a Todd Bentley service tops any of the craziness Ive ever seen! I'm starting to think, if this guy is right then I've got it all wrong!!! On second thought I am a slave of Christ not of the Devil.

One of his last lines in the clip is "Don't try to figure it out with your head." to which i respond, Uumm... yea ok I wont because it would be impossible!!

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  1. This guy looks as if he is about to have a stroke or something. For some reason it just does not look right to me. I have seen this type of thing before, and it was not like this.


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