Monday, June 9, 2008

P.I. on gay day

Friday night Shawn and I went to Pleasure Island with the hopes of witnessing to one of the thousands of gays in town for Gay Days Orlando. With our Homosexual tracts packed and our hopes high we set out to share the gospel with the masses! Only it didnt go down as hoped.

On the way to P.I. we stopped off at Chick-fila (My favorite) and it was full of homosexuals. Now mind you I have never been around a homosexual before so I was a bit taken back to see two guys holding hands and cuddling. After some fellowship and we got our belly's full we head over to P.I. and get prayed up before we go on our mission.

Once at P.I. the scene was pretty exciting there were street musicians (contracted by P.I.) and lots of people. It seemed as though any guys we saw walking together were assumable gay. After a few minutes we relized that there were but a few actual gays and now our whole game plan was shot. We didnt want to hand the "gay" tracts to straight men because we figured it would be weired.

So with our game plan shot we resort to old faithful, the Million Dollar Bill. We walked around passing them out and talking to people but nothing real exciting until around 9:00 when we caught 2 young men picking up some dropped bills. So I called them over and began to witness to them.

The oldest was Adam (Agnostic) and the youngest Charles (Catholic). It was pretty text book as I started into the conversation. I started light then gave the good person test and the oldest one understood he was going to hell. Then I asked him "Does that scare you?" he replied with a smug "No." So I pressed a few more times and he was not at all verbaly concerened but his body language seemed like he might be. So I decided I would not "Throw pearls before swine" and give him grace so I tried to end the conversation and ended up in genral conversation.

When I finaly ended the conversation and said bye they just stood there looking pitiful so I asked, "You good, you alright?" and Adams reply was, "Im just thinking about stuff." I aked him what he was thinking and he said, "I dont want to commit adultry." I thought he said that he "Did want to" so I replied "you do?" he said "not right now." Thats when I relised that he might be ready for grace and I delivered the best I could.

The rest of the converstation went well until his mom called him and he was having trouble hearing her. Then my phone rang (it was David) and with all the commotion of the night and the phones distracting us I didnt do so well on communicating repentance.

I gave the boys my card and left them to have their fun and would you believe they called me the next day and I got some more time to talk to them! God is good.

You can listen in the player below.

Confession: (you have to listen to the audio to understand this confession) I have actually been around Eminem! Well actually Ive been around a friend who has a friend who has been around the rapper Proof who is in the same group as Eminem called D12. Does that count?

I dont know why I told him I had been. Pray for me!! lol :)

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