Monday, June 16, 2008

My Next Bible The ESV Study Bible

Ok I have like 15 Bibles, most of which were either given to me or I purchased when I first got saved. I really couldn't ever decide on a translation. I have KJV, NLT, NIV, NKJV, NASB, and HCSB. The only ones I actually use are my wide margin NASB and my HCSB Apologetics study bible (Which is a beautiful bible). The problem is the NASB is sometimes cumbersome to read and the HCSB is a great read but not literal enough for my taste.

Then I discovered the ESV. This translation is beautiful to me! It is right between the NASB and HCSB (Actually closer to the NASB.) Though I am not into translation criticism I have done a bit of research and it seems that the ESV is translated well and is supported by some of my favorite teachers including, John Piper, Mark Driscoll, D.R. R.C. Sproul and more

The main reason I have yet to buy an ESV is because they are generally expensive, they don't have a good wide margin, and although they have the reformation study bible and the literary study bible they didn't have a general study bible that I liked until now (actually October.)

I just found out that they are releasing the ESV STUDY BIBLE in Oct 2008. Though it doesnt have wide margins with its 2,752 pages (thats around 700 more then my study bible) and its 20,000 notes this is a beast of a bible! You can read more about its features here.

This is also an affordable bible starting at $31.00 for the hard cover $54.00 for the leather and up to $151.00 for the premium calf skin. So if your looking for a new study bible the ESV Study Bible is the one for you!

I will post a review once I get my hands on one!


  1. Have you seen the digitized version of the Apologetics Study Bible from Logos Bible Software? You can read the study notes and articles along with any translation (or the original languages). It's part of a collection of Bible reference books from Broadman & Holman. I thought you might be interested!

    The Apologetics Study Bible

  2. No I have not seen the digital version of the A.S.B. Now I got to get my hands on a copy for myself. what a great resource to have in logos. thanx for the heads up

  3. o1mnikent, by the way your blog about "quotation marks" is very interesting. I'll be subscribing in Google reader!


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