Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The "Loop" Hole

David and Shawn

In my last post I promised a story or two from the first night at our newest fishing hole "The Loop." The Loop is a basically and outdoor shopping mall it has a Movie Theater and great array of stores ranging from Kohles to Circuit City.

There is not many places to hang out in the Kissimmee area so the Movie Theater at the Loop is a Friday night hotspot and it was only logical that we go were the fish are. The demographic was a little younger then expected. Mostly your Middle and early High school teenage type, which at first was actually intimidating. But we got over it and stayed faithful to our calling.

Our first stop was the Movie Theater. There were tons of kids as it was the night before graduation. So we stood in front of the theater not really knowing how to approach this mass of people. It was loud and there was allot of cursing and laughter and it was a bit over whelming.

As we stood there trying to get over our fears and figure out what to do or say Shawn stepped out and broke the ice. He went over to a group of Urban Teens and gave them all a Biggie and Tupac Tract and As he was doing that I decided to hit the long line of people waiting to purchase a movie ticket. I passed out a stack of the Ticket to heaven tracts. It was cool because they thought it was a free movie ticket so most of the people were reaching over each other to get one for themselves.

At this point we started to gain a little confidence but had not been able to stur up any conversations. So after trying out the Tickets and the Tupac tracts with no luck we decided to switch bait and pulled out our trusty Million dollar bills. We then walked up and down handing them out with still no luck.

We gathered back together and discussed our ordeal. Was it us? Were we not being diligent enough? So we talked about it and decided that we would give the next 30mins our best to try spark a conversation.

No sooner then we split up it happened. I seen a lone teen that David had earlier given a million to. So I approached him and asked, "did you read the back of that bill" and he said he had not. I then noticed he was wearing headphones and offered him a free Holy Hip Hop C.D. and used that to swing it into the spiritual.

He was a nice young man but turned out to be guilty like the rest of us and was humbled by the Law and happy to hear that God made a way to forgive him. It was a great witness opportunity and you can listen to it below (Its very hard to hear because there were so many people around us)

After I finished up I turned around and there stood a member of our church youth group Julian and a few of his friends. I immediately sprang into action and used me and Julian's common ground to spring board into the spiritual. You can listen below

As I ran the group through the Law I was starting to gather a crowd so David snagged another group of 5 or so kids that was curious to my conversation. This was awesome! David would finally have his first opportunity to witness to strangers. I wasn't able to listen to the whole thing but from what I heard it went well. I did catch him explaining to them how to trust Jesus using a parachute analogy and I got it on film.

After the Loop we spent time in prayer then came to my house and fellowshiped till 2:00 in the morning. It was a great night God allowed us to be used and the gospel was proclaimed.

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