Thursday, June 5, 2008

Drive by evangelism: New use for junk mail

I first saw this idea on and was excited to try it for myself.

What you do is when you get one of those annoying credit card offers, in stead of throwing it away like normal, save it! there is actually something important in there. A free "postage paid" envelope just screaming for a gospel tract! This is a great way to get tracts out if you are shy, disabled, don't have time, or are looking for more ways to share your faith.

Just open it up place a couple tracts in there and wallah(sp)! A few people somewhere in America (In this case Philly) get a gospel tract! Finally something good to do with those annoying offers!

If your like me when I learned about this you will actually be waiting for junk mail!

UPDATE: Since I posted this I have mailed out 15 of these in one month!! Thats 15+ people that will have the gospel in their hands!

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