Sunday, June 29, 2008

The best Christian advise ever...

...From and athiest?

My thoughts are if an atheist understands and respects how true Christianity should be then why do we do this seeker sensitive wishy washy junk thats in the church today? Get real with it! You might bring people to Christ because they see the truth in your life and theology.

This video does have some great advise! I really thought the quote below was great for us evangelists who struggle with the fear of rejection.
"You shouldn’t take rejection personally, but consider it that you gave them a fighting chance. Give them a fighting chance at heaven. Even if you do have to risk offending someone or risk a friendship. It a simple mater of weighing priorities."

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  1. Noiz

    Love this - you are right it is sound advice. It is amazing how God uses atheists to shake us up. We need to get the message to the nations that Salvation comes through no other name.


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