Saturday, May 31, 2008

Update: Shawn

For those that don't know about Shawn, He is the guy I wrote about here. He was a false convert and God used me to bring him the true gospel message. Shawn received Christ that day and has done a complete 360 (or 180).

He has since been baptized, has gone out witnessing with us, been reading and studying his bible, and has shared the Gospel with all his friends and neighbors. His testimony is amazing!

The day he got baptized he was the only one who gave a "real" profession of faith. he said something like, "I just got saved 11 days ago and now I'm being baptized to be held accountable as a Christian and to show God that I am not ashamed of Jesus!" He also confessed Jesus as his Lord and saviour.

He has a very high view of God and scripture, now that he understands what God did for him. He also has a heart for the lost, specifically the homeless. He has already given tracts out and witnessed to a few homeless people. He even made me turn my truck around to go buy a drink and witness to the lady pictured below. He is still learning the "ins and outs" of biblical evangelism (Law & Grace). But he knows and understands the "good news" and tries his best to share it. He is definitely and inspiration to me.

later on the same day We got together with our pal David to try out a new fishing hole. This week we went to "The Loop." this would be our first time trying to fish there and we were pretty syked to get started.

The first stop was Shaynes Rib Shack for some Pork and Greens! There we gave out a few tracts and bet the cashier $10.00 that she couldnt tare the "Un-tearable" Ticket to Heaven. Of course she nor her co-workers could do it.

After some good grub and good prayer we were off to our first adventure at The Loop!

More about our loop adventure in my next post...

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