Saturday, May 3, 2008

One of the coolest things to ever happen to me

This is old news but it still excites me so i want to share it with you.
last month I was in Birmingham, Alabama for the Association of Related Churches "All Access Conference". The conference was about the behind the scenes of church planting. It was held at huge church called "Church of the Highlands." This church is only 7 years old and has built an amazing facility at a price tag of 10 million plus!!!

Anyway, like most conferences there were allot of speakers on schedule which was cool. But on the second night we get a surprise visit from the late Dr. Jerry Falwell's son, Jonathan. Who is now the Pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church and taking his dads place at Liberty University (the school I attend). This was really cool for me because ive never seen him in person so I for some reason was kind of star struck.

Well turns out he and my pastor are friends and I had an opportunity to speak with him and share a brief testimony of what God has done in my life. It was so cool! I called my wife and was telling her all about it. But wait thats not the end. the following Sunday I'm flipping through the channels and I see Jonathan speaking so I stop and watch. As I was watching I'm straightening up my house and tending the kids when I catch him starting to talk about the conference we attended so I stopped to listen. He starts talking about a young man he met in Alabama who used to be on drugs when he finally attends a church service and he get saved and his whole life is changed. At this point I'm thinking "huh, that sounds like my story must be pretty common" then Jonathan says "And the church he was saved at was a church in Orlando, FL. under Pastor Barry Rice (My Pastor). My jaw hit the floor I could not believe it! My testimony being used on TV to be seen all over the world to show the Power of GOD!!! I'm still blown away by that!!

You can watch the sermon here

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