Saturday, May 24, 2008

Snakes at the mall

Last night was an awesome night fishing. It was the Friday night at the beginning of a 3 day memorial weekend. So I call up 2 friends David and Shawn. We all decided we wanted to go out, not to party or see a movie, but to witness to strangers.

It was really cool that Shawn wanted to go. as a matter of fact he was more excited then us to go witness. For those not in the know, Shawn is the guy I wrote about here. He is a new convert and I was blessed to be able to witness to him and see him come to faith. After only a few short weeks of becoming soundly saved. Shawn is already trying to share his faith!

We start our trip by going to a Christian Book Store across town. Where my friends and I wanted to pick up some pocket new testaments because we always end up giving our witnessing bibles away.

While out I always look for opportunities to share my faith or to encourage and be encouraged by another believer. So one of my favorite things to do is ask a "Christian" to give me the gospel in less then a few minutes. This always catches them off guard but allows me to see if they are soundly saved and I try to help refine their understanding by taking them through the law and the gospel.

Since the book store was empty at 7:00 on a Friday night I ask the cashier (Pictured in the middle) to give me the gospel. I said "I am an unbeliever so Tell me what I must do be saved?" Of course he was surprised by my question but answered with, "Jesus died for your sins!" I responded "What sin?" At this point i'm trying to get him to articulate the real need for Jesus. He responds with "Jesus will change your life like he did mine" then went on to give me his testimony. I said "hmm...what if my life doesn't get better?" a bit confused he had no response, so I walked him through the commandments and showed him how we fall short and then explained the gospel to him. He agreed with all I said so I guess he understood rightly but didn't now exactly how to articulate it.

It was really fun talking with these nice people from the book store. I gave them all a couple of different gospel tracts and explained how we use them to share our faith. We had a few laughs and headed out to the next stop.

Since there were no fish in the shopping center we moved over to a local mall to witness. On the way in from the parking lot there was an out door eating area so we did a "Drop" and left tracts on all the tables.

As we enter the mall we pass a teenager with a playing card stuck to his forehead. We stopped him and his friends by giving them a million followed by the pink and blue optical illusion cards. I was able to run them through the commandments and watched as a teenage girl's mouth hung WIDE open when she saw her self in the law. It was great to see her understand she was guilty. But unfortunately they had to leave before she received grace. I pray that someone some time give her the gospel rightly.

At this point I'm starving and thirsty so we head over to the food court to get some grub. I handed at least 10 million dollars out to people in line and had a great conversation with 2 teenage hip hoppers. I had seen them read the back of a tract David handed them so I asked if they passed or failed. Of course they failed. So I brought them through the law again and let it weigh on them. One was really concerned about going to hell so I gave him the gospel and left him with a free Concrete angels CD and a pocket sized book of john.

After we ate and fellowshipped we headed back down to the shopping area. No sooner then we step off the stairs I see a guy, his name was Jacob(pictured above), wearing shoes with $100 bills on it. This was going to be a great way to break the ice. I say to him, "Nice shoes! But i think it would better if you make a shoe out of these million dollar bills!" He chuckled and so starts a great witnessing opportunity. I end up asked him were he was going when he died and of course it was heaven until I ran the law by him. He was worried about the wrath to come and joyful when I told him about Gods grace through Jesus Christ.

It was an awesome adventure at the mall. The gospel was proclaimed and no one got hurt. The crazy thing was the nicest people I spoke to were those that most people would be afraid to talk to. It just goes to show you there is nothing to be afraid of when sharing your faith.

Oh yeah and in case your wondering what is on Jacobs chin. They were metal snakes hanging from pierced holes in his lip.

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