Friday, May 9, 2008

Romans class over!!!

Im so excited!! After 8 weeks of studying the book of Romans at LU through the DLP program, I am finally done!! It has been a very hard and tiring 8 weeks but it has been well worth it. Romans is one of the most theological books in the bible. Paul lays down everything from justification to Christian living. I have learned a ton from this great book of the Bible.

Finishing this class is bitter sweet. On one hand I am excited to be done with all the reading. but on the other hand im going to miss the great truths that were revealed daily through this book. Im sure ive only learned a fraction of what is in reality The Book of Romans but the things I have learned to date have greatly reshaped my life. Praise God!!!!!

Now its summer for me and I decided not to take any classes. Instead my best friend is going to lead me through a program called One on One with God. This is going to be a great change of pace. having done all kinds of classes and gaining all kinds of mostly factual wisdom, it will be awesome just to grow more spiritually and spend the summer just getting "One on One with God." I'll keep you posted.

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