Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I’ve been reading about a new way to witness in places that don’t allow it. I call it “Phonegalism” or “Open-Call Preaching”. What you do is go to your target establishment such as, the train station, waiting rooms, the bus, airports, anywhere people are gathered. Then have a friend give you call (I usually text my friend and tell him to call) a good idea would be to set up a code word that would signal your friend as to what is about to take place.

When the friend calls and you answer give them a basic “Hey Maaan” and say, “Sorry we couldn’t finish our last conversation. Do you wanna pick up were we left off?” and then you go through the good person test, the law and the gospel.You can find a more info here. You could even print out a script and read it. Maybe put it in a book or something no one would know the difference.

Its awesome because your guaranteed eves droppers and they will be getting witnessed to without any trouble from the establishment. Its even great for the shyer type who fears “one on one” evangelism.

Go give it a shot and leave your Phonegalism story in the comments box.

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