Thursday, May 1, 2008

Let the bloggs begin

Alright this is it I finally jumped on the Blogg bandwagon! It has been along time comming but now you actually get a peek into my humble little thought life for whatever its worth. Im definitely excited to start this adventure but I must say Im also little bit nervous. The problem is that I have terrible spelling and grammar skills. This is something that really keeps me from expressing myself and sharing the truth about Christ in this kind of format. So if you see a comma, in a, random, place, please forgive me. You might also see alot of run on sentences and multiple capital letters In the Middle of a sentence and on sentence paragraphs and... well you get the idea.

A Little About Me

The most important thing that you need to know about me up front is that I am a, Born Again, Sold out, Follower of Jesus Christ. God rescued me from the bondage of Sin about 3 years ago at a funeral and has been so gracious to me since. First of all just for removing the scales from my eyes to see the truth of the gospel. He has also allowed me to have the boldness to share His glorious gospel almost everyday since. He has blessed me with a Holy Hip Hop Ministry that has reached thousands of people like me with the gospel. He has also given me the gift of evangelism which I am so thankful for. I really love sharing the gospel with people and seeing them saved!!

This is one of the intended purposes of this blogg. I want to share some of the witness encounters that I have in hope that it will teach and encourage you to go out and win the lost to the Lord! I also want to give you an insiders view of a growing Christian and share with you some of the cool tidbits I learn as I attend Liberty University and study the word for myself.

I hope this will be a blessing!

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