Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Gospel by Robert Houghton

I'm guessing since you are looking at this page you are not saved. As a matter of fact you might either think Christianity is ridiculous or you are at the end of your rope and looking for a fix.

Well I can tell you this Christianity is not ridiculous. It is the most logical world view in existence and is backed up by science and history.

Christianity is also not a "fix" for your problems as a matter of fact you might even have more problems as a result of becoming Christian.

The thing that Christianity will "fix" is your problem of sin. See sin is when we disobey Gods commands and do our own thing. As a result God is angry with us and will pour out his wrath on all sinners and send them to an eternal punishment called Hell.
He is just in doing this because he is the just judge of all the universe and cannot turn a blind eye to sin. The only way we can exist in the presence of God is if we are completely perfect, righteous, and having no sin.

If your like me your probably thinking "Man I cant be perfect, I've already broken all the commandments. I must be going to Hell!"

Well you would be right in thinking that but God made a way. He sent His only begotten son Jesus Christ who lived a perfect life only to die on the cross as a payment for the penalty of sin. He received the punishment that was due to us and in turn we received the righteousness that is Jesus Christ.

So if we repent (turn away from our sins) and trust in Jesus as the reason we are justified you will be saved. God will see you as the righteousness of Christ on judgment day.

I ask that you think about what you have read and confess all your sins to God and beg for his mercy until you KNOW you are saved!! Then read your bible starting with John and obey what it says.

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