Sunday, May 11, 2008

"Drive by Evangelism"

These are evangelism tips for those of us to busy or to shy to hand out gospel tracts face to face. These are some ideas Ive gathered from The way of the master and my own experiences. I like to call this "Drive by Evangelism"

Place one in the ATM machine before you leave (here is a "credit card" tract). Leave a $1 Million Bill in the tube at the bank drive-through, and put one in the tip jar at Starbucks. Place $1 Million Bills sticking out of your shirt pocket, and people will ask you about them. How great to have lost people asking you for gospel tracts! Every time you go to a gas station, leave a tract in the credit card slot at the pump. (here is a "credit card" tract)The next person will have to take it out to put his credit card in, and will appreciate having something to read while he’s filling his gas tank. IQ Cards fit great in any credit card slot.1

Stuff it: Stuff tracts into boxes of beer in the beer isle at your local grocery store. My wife likes to stuff them (Especially the Million dollar bill tract) in the pocket of the clothes at the store. Go to the wallet isle and stuff them with Million Dollar Bills or card size tracts in the credit card pockets (here is a "credit card" tract). Behind the gas pump handle. Between CD's at the Music store. stuff 10 commandments pennies and coins in the change slot of vending machines and Pay phones. Diaper bags in the baby isle. In letters to family or when paying bills.

It is such an awesome thing knowing that you are being faithful to the word of God and people are receiving the gospel. My prayer for those who are to shy to hand them out to a "real person" is that they just give it a try. You will find that its very easy and very rewarding.

What other ides do you have for leaving tracts?

1. taken from the Evidence Bible

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  1. Great "Drive by Evangelism" post. We are reaching out to evangelism teams and churches to recommend that you give Gas Saving$ Certificates to those you want to lead to JESUS CHRIST. Since gas prices are top of mind for so many people, this thoughtful and timely gift can help grab their attention. Certificates can be ordered individually, or in bulk for the best deal, at

    We pray for the continued success of the ministry with which GOD has entrusted you.

    Robert and Tricia Lomax
    His Enterprises, LLC
    "Where we are about our Father's business"


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