Saturday, May 17, 2008

Best Gospel Tracts: The Way of the Master

I think some of the best Gospel tracts available today are all found at
Living waters is the ministry of Ray comfort and folks from The Way of The Master.

My first suggestion for what to buy would be The Way of the Master book. If your already familiar with this evangelism style I would then suggest getting their Sample pack to see which tracts you like. Some of my favorite tracts include. The Million and Billion Dollar bills, The Curved Illusion, Optical Illusions, 10 most popular things Scratch off, Ticket to heaven, and, the wages of sin

Some the other "must haves" from living waters.

Thanks a Million. This is one of the best books i've read in awhile. Your like a "fly on the wall" to some awesome witness encounters started with a million dollar bill tract.

What did Jesus Do. A great book that shows from scripture how Jesus and the Apostles used the "Law then Grace" approach to evangelism.

Herman Who. This DVD by Todd Friel is a great introduction on how to properly read and interpret scripture. It is very educational and entertaining at the same time. It will change the way you read the scriptures.

Terrified. An MP3 CD by Todd Friel that allows you to listen in on real life "one on one" conversations. These conversations will encourage and equip you to go and share your faith. Rember that this is a CD with 26 Mp3's so it will not play in most regular Cd player. You will need to drag them off the Cd into your ipod or itunes to be burned.


Way of the Master is a great ministry with alot of great stuff to buy. But some of the gems are actually free! you only have to know where to look.

Some of the best messages you will ever hear can be found on this page . My favorites are, Hells best kept secret, What Hollywod believes, militant evangelism, true and false conversions and Kirks version of hells best kept secret. Another message that is a little harder to find, but is a must listen, is Todd Friels message "are you really a Christian." This is one of those examine your self messages.

There is also a page that is often overlooked on and it is the past media page. This page has all kinds of video, audio, and other things that have been mentioned on the radio show. Speaking of the show! This has to be the ultimate FREE resource that will equip you as an evangelist and grow you as a Christian. It is The Way Of The Master Radio show. You can download shows here.

Hope this helps you find some cool stuff that will inspire you to share the Word.


  1. Are you married??
    There are very few men like you in the world!
    Thanks for the resources, I'm looking forward to using them on the streets!

    :) Amber

  2. Thanks for the advice. Way of the master is awesome.


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