Saturday, May 10, 2008

Almost Got Away

Saturday is one of my favorite days of the week. It is the day I get to get with my fellow men from church and fellowship at our "Band of brothers" mens ministry. We always have such an awesome time and learn so much from each other.

As usual me and my best friend David go out to eat after the meeting. But this week we decided to go down to our local out door mall "The Loop" and fish a little. This was especially cool because this would be Davids first time fishing. I mean he's spoken to the people close to him and handed out gospel tracks in what I call "Drive by Evangelism" but has never tried to go up to a stranger and share his faith.

So we hop in our cars and start to drive there. we were kinda pressed for time because he still had his final exam for our romans class to take. So we took what we thought would be a short cut and ended up stuck in a bit of traffic. As we're sitting at one of the last lights I notice coming in the opposite direction was some of our old friends from like 10 years ago. So we pull a U turn and try to catch them at a gas station they were pulling out of.

We end up catching there attention and they got out to talk with us. The driver Patrick was a real good friend of Davids as was the passenger Carlos. I had met both of them a few times before but never had any relationship with them.

So after a bit of catching up we were able to talk to them one on one. I with Carlos and David with Patrick. We led them both through a couple commandments and then the gospel. They were really convicted under the law and understood the gospel rightly . I was really proud of David, he did a great job. I think he has a gift.

After this we went to Shanes Rib Shack and handed out some tracts and thanked God for the opportunity to share. Please pray for the souls of Patrick and Carlos.

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