Tuesday, May 20, 2008

64 go Door-to-Door

Last night I had an awesome opportunity to evangelize in the community. We had a team of 64 High School students from Thomas Road Baptist Church down to help. We divided into teams of 4 and covered 3 neighborhoods and an apartment complex.

I had a team of 3 and we were in charge of 4 apartment buildings. Our task: to hand out flyers for our church, a gospel tract, then try to work into witnessing. None of us had ever done this before so it was very nerve racking.

We get to the first door. Knock, knock! We wait, and wait, and nothing! This went on for at least 10 more doors. A few times we could see the light in the peephole disappear but the door would never open. About door number 11 we get an opener. A woman in her late 20’s. I hand her a flyer and nervously try to swing into the spiritual. So I pull out a million dollar bill and say, “most churches ask for money, but we at Go Church give money away! Here’s a million dollars.” She laughed and now the ice was broke and allowed me to spring into the spiritual. Turns out she was a “Christian” but couldn’t tell me why Christ died on the cross. So I helped clear up her understanding and told her to read the back of the tract and really think about what it says.

We head out to the next building and same thing, no answers. Then finally we get a bite. A lady in her mid 30’s steps out and sits on a bench in the doorway while a young girl and what looked to be her brother watched through the half open door. I was so excited! Finally someone who was willing to listen. I knew for sure I was going to share the gospel this time.

We give her our lines about the church and she seemed interested but had sort of an attitude with us. So after we finished with the church info I wanted to swing to the spiritual. I thanked her for being friendly and coming out to talk to us. I pull out an Optical Illusions and a Top 10 tract and say, “Here I have something cool for your kids” she responds really sarcastically saying, “Kids? You act like there is more then one!” At this point the son is holding a small dog over the shoulder of the daughter so all I could see was his baseball cap and part of a team jersey. Confused I respond “Your daughter and son in the door way” and she angrily replies, “that’s not my son! That’s my wife!” I was shocked and still confused. I look back in the door way and with the dog now gone I still see what looks to be a teenage boy. Now uncomfortable and still confused I politely respond, “Well your wife looks like a 14 year old boy” and of course that didn’t go well! She said something to the effect of “the Church is going down!” and we walked away.

After that mishap we were kind of discouraged. We knocked only on a few more doors and got to talk to a couple of people. I feel like I learned a lot about door-to-door evangelism. For one thing a lot of people don’t like us coming to their homes. Another thing is, be ready for anything!

When we arrived back at “H.Q.” we gathered all 64 kids and had them sit on the ground and pray for the folks we came in contact with today. After the prayer my Pastor gave a few words of encouragement and then asked if I would share my testimony and rap for the kids. So I used the opportunity to give the law and the gospel by tying it into my testimony. It was awesome! What a fun time I had doing work for the lord. I pray that he will continue to use me in the future. Amen.

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