Friday, May 30, 2008

4 Year Old Evangelist

Today I just bought my first pocket recorder in hopes to record some of the awesome encounters that I have. But what I didnt expect was for my 4 year old (the kid on the banner) to pick it up and give me the "Good Person Test".

Remember I have never taught my son this, nor did I encourage him to say it. It just goes to show you that what you say and do around the house is picked up by the little ears!

Gauge: Ok, uh, we're here with Daddy Houghton. Have you ever told a lie

Daddy: Yes i have.

Gauge: when?

Daddy: I cant remember.

Gauge: have you ever stolen something?

Daddy: Yes.

Gauge: When?

Daddy: when i was younger.

Gauge: Well, you should get a gospel tract for yourself so you will remember not to.

Proud Daddy: Thats right! Thank you buddy. Well, what happens to someone if they do lie, cheat and steal and break God's commandments?

Gauge: uh...go to hell!

Daddy: Wow, how do you not got to hell?

Gauge: Um...if we trust in jesus

Super Proud Daddy: amen!

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