Saturday, May 31, 2008

Update: Shawn

For those that don't know about Shawn, He is the guy I wrote about here. He was a false convert and God used me to bring him the true gospel message. Shawn received Christ that day and has done a complete 360 (or 180).

He has since been baptized, has gone out witnessing with us, been reading and studying his bible, and has shared the Gospel with all his friends and neighbors. His testimony is amazing!

The day he got baptized he was the only one who gave a "real" profession of faith. he said something like, "I just got saved 11 days ago and now I'm being baptized to be held accountable as a Christian and to show God that I am not ashamed of Jesus!" He also confessed Jesus as his Lord and saviour.

He has a very high view of God and scripture, now that he understands what God did for him. He also has a heart for the lost, specifically the homeless. He has already given tracts out and witnessed to a few homeless people. He even made me turn my truck around to go buy a drink and witness to the lady pictured below. He is still learning the "ins and outs" of biblical evangelism (Law & Grace). But he knows and understands the "good news" and tries his best to share it. He is definitely and inspiration to me.

later on the same day We got together with our pal David to try out a new fishing hole. This week we went to "The Loop." this would be our first time trying to fish there and we were pretty syked to get started.

The first stop was Shaynes Rib Shack for some Pork and Greens! There we gave out a few tracts and bet the cashier $10.00 that she couldnt tare the "Un-tearable" Ticket to Heaven. Of course she nor her co-workers could do it.

After some good grub and good prayer we were off to our first adventure at The Loop!

More about our loop adventure in my next post...

Friday, May 30, 2008

4 Year Old Evangelist

Today I just bought my first pocket recorder in hopes to record some of the awesome encounters that I have. But what I didnt expect was for my 4 year old (the kid on the banner) to pick it up and give me the "Good Person Test".

Remember I have never taught my son this, nor did I encourage him to say it. It just goes to show you that what you say and do around the house is picked up by the little ears!

Gauge: Ok, uh, we're here with Daddy Houghton. Have you ever told a lie

Daddy: Yes i have.

Gauge: when?

Daddy: I cant remember.

Gauge: have you ever stolen something?

Daddy: Yes.

Gauge: When?

Daddy: when i was younger.

Gauge: Well, you should get a gospel tract for yourself so you will remember not to.

Proud Daddy: Thats right! Thank you buddy. Well, what happens to someone if they do lie, cheat and steal and break God's commandments?

Gauge: uh...go to hell!

Daddy: Wow, how do you not got to hell?

Gauge: Um...if we trust in jesus

Super Proud Daddy: amen!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

CD Tracts

Last night my friend David sent me a link to a site that I think is a great concept. the website is The site has all sorts of down loadable audio and video to make CD and DVD tracts.

Allot of the messages on the site I would NEVER listen to' much less hand out to someone, but there are a few diamonds in the ruff. I downloaded a sermon called "The Doctrine of Hell" by Timothy Conway. It was one of those scary sermons that make you praise God for His mercy and grace.

I think it would be a great idea to put some of your favorite messages on a few CD's (minding copyright laws) and hand them to people along with a paper tract. At less then .25 cents apiece for blank CD-R's I think the return on the investment is great. I personally carry CD's with a gospel message that I delivered (you can download here) just in case I don't have the time or the opportunity to share with someone.

The Gospel by Robert Houghton

I'm guessing since you are looking at this page you are not saved. As a matter of fact you might either think Christianity is ridiculous or you are at the end of your rope and looking for a fix.

Well I can tell you this Christianity is not ridiculous. It is the most logical world view in existence and is backed up by science and history.

Christianity is also not a "fix" for your problems as a matter of fact you might even have more problems as a result of becoming Christian.

The thing that Christianity will "fix" is your problem of sin. See sin is when we disobey Gods commands and do our own thing. As a result God is angry with us and will pour out his wrath on all sinners and send them to an eternal punishment called Hell.
He is just in doing this because he is the just judge of all the universe and cannot turn a blind eye to sin. The only way we can exist in the presence of God is if we are completely perfect, righteous, and having no sin.

If your like me your probably thinking "Man I cant be perfect, I've already broken all the commandments. I must be going to Hell!"

Well you would be right in thinking that but God made a way. He sent His only begotten son Jesus Christ who lived a perfect life only to die on the cross as a payment for the penalty of sin. He received the punishment that was due to us and in turn we received the righteousness that is Jesus Christ.

So if we repent (turn away from our sins) and trust in Jesus as the reason we are justified you will be saved. God will see you as the righteousness of Christ on judgment day.

I ask that you think about what you have read and confess all your sins to God and beg for his mercy until you KNOW you are saved!! Then read your bible starting with John and obey what it says.

If you would like to hear a more detailed audio message Click here

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Learn the 10 Commandments

One of the most important thing you must know before using the Way of the Master evangelism style is the 10 Commandments! Here is a short video lesson that will help commit the commandments to memory.

More videos about the ten commandments can be found here

Monday, May 26, 2008

The last thing said

This is something that I learned from a Jehovah's witness. Now you and I both know though the JW's are a cult they are masters at evangelism. I call this the "Last thing said."

Sometimes after finishing a witness encounter, especially with an old friend or a family member, the conversation tends to get away from spiritual things. So when you part ways they are still reminiscing or smiling about the last half of the conversation. This is not good because you want them to continue to think about eternal things especially those who did not receive Christ as Saviour.

There are two options to prevent this from occuring. One is to end the converstation once you have finished witnessing and the conversation goes astray. Or two, use "the last thing said" technique. The theory is that the last thing said is the first thing remembered.

What I like to do is this, once the conversation has gone astray and we are wrapping it up I love to look them in the eye and say,
"Before I leave you I want to remind you this. By your own admission if you were to be judged by God using His 10 commandments you would be guilty. So if while driving home you were to get in an accident and die you would go straight to hell. I want you to think about what we talked about as your driving and I will be praying that you get right with God before its to late!"
I then remind them to read and review the tract(s) I had given them.

This has been a great technique. I think it reminds them the seriousness of the situation and puts their mind back on the things of God. You should see some of the facial expressions from the lost and other evangelists when I say this. The lost sometimes looks terrified as does the evangelist.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Snakes at the mall

Last night was an awesome night fishing. It was the Friday night at the beginning of a 3 day memorial weekend. So I call up 2 friends David and Shawn. We all decided we wanted to go out, not to party or see a movie, but to witness to strangers.

It was really cool that Shawn wanted to go. as a matter of fact he was more excited then us to go witness. For those not in the know, Shawn is the guy I wrote about here. He is a new convert and I was blessed to be able to witness to him and see him come to faith. After only a few short weeks of becoming soundly saved. Shawn is already trying to share his faith!

We start our trip by going to a Christian Book Store across town. Where my friends and I wanted to pick up some pocket new testaments because we always end up giving our witnessing bibles away.

While out I always look for opportunities to share my faith or to encourage and be encouraged by another believer. So one of my favorite things to do is ask a "Christian" to give me the gospel in less then a few minutes. This always catches them off guard but allows me to see if they are soundly saved and I try to help refine their understanding by taking them through the law and the gospel.

Since the book store was empty at 7:00 on a Friday night I ask the cashier (Pictured in the middle) to give me the gospel. I said "I am an unbeliever so Tell me what I must do be saved?" Of course he was surprised by my question but answered with, "Jesus died for your sins!" I responded "What sin?" At this point i'm trying to get him to articulate the real need for Jesus. He responds with "Jesus will change your life like he did mine" then went on to give me his testimony. I said "hmm...what if my life doesn't get better?" a bit confused he had no response, so I walked him through the commandments and showed him how we fall short and then explained the gospel to him. He agreed with all I said so I guess he understood rightly but didn't now exactly how to articulate it.

It was really fun talking with these nice people from the book store. I gave them all a couple of different gospel tracts and explained how we use them to share our faith. We had a few laughs and headed out to the next stop.

Since there were no fish in the shopping center we moved over to a local mall to witness. On the way in from the parking lot there was an out door eating area so we did a "Drop" and left tracts on all the tables.

As we enter the mall we pass a teenager with a playing card stuck to his forehead. We stopped him and his friends by giving them a million followed by the pink and blue optical illusion cards. I was able to run them through the commandments and watched as a teenage girl's mouth hung WIDE open when she saw her self in the law. It was great to see her understand she was guilty. But unfortunately they had to leave before she received grace. I pray that someone some time give her the gospel rightly.

At this point I'm starving and thirsty so we head over to the food court to get some grub. I handed at least 10 million dollars out to people in line and had a great conversation with 2 teenage hip hoppers. I had seen them read the back of a tract David handed them so I asked if they passed or failed. Of course they failed. So I brought them through the law again and let it weigh on them. One was really concerned about going to hell so I gave him the gospel and left him with a free Concrete angels CD and a pocket sized book of john.

After we ate and fellowshipped we headed back down to the shopping area. No sooner then we step off the stairs I see a guy, his name was Jacob(pictured above), wearing shoes with $100 bills on it. This was going to be a great way to break the ice. I say to him, "Nice shoes! But i think it would better if you make a shoe out of these million dollar bills!" He chuckled and so starts a great witnessing opportunity. I end up asked him were he was going when he died and of course it was heaven until I ran the law by him. He was worried about the wrath to come and joyful when I told him about Gods grace through Jesus Christ.

It was an awesome adventure at the mall. The gospel was proclaimed and no one got hurt. The crazy thing was the nicest people I spoke to were those that most people would be afraid to talk to. It just goes to show you there is nothing to be afraid of when sharing your faith.

Oh yeah and in case your wondering what is on Jacobs chin. They were metal snakes hanging from pierced holes in his lip.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Doctrine: An Awsome Sermon Series

Romans 6:17 "But God be thanked, that ye were the servants of sin, but ye have obeyed from the heart that form of doctrine which was delivered you." Do you know any Doctrine? If not this has got to be one of the greatest resources for gaining knowledge and wisdom. It is the sermon series called "Doctrine" from Pastor Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church.

Whether or not you agree with Driscoll's use of colorful language this is a great presentation of some of the foundational Christian Doctrines. Doctrines include, The Trinity, Creation, Revelation, The Fall, Incarnation, Covenants, Incarnation, The Cross, and more

This Series will help you gain a firmer foundation, allow you to grow closer to the Lord, and equip you in your evangelism. I actually will be giving an audio copy of "The Cross" sermon to those who seem interested or actually receive Christ.

You can find the Videos streaming or on iTunes. They are all very good and very entertaining. I especially enjoyed The Cross it was amazing.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fish in a barrell

"We are rather amused by simple Simon who sets up his barrel, drops in his little line, and is very saddened because he doesn't catch any fish. And we think 'how stupid can he be? Fish don't jump in barrels: you have to go where the fish are. But what do we do in evangelism? We set up barrels and we invite the fish to come and jump in, and we are very sad when they bypass us in droves.

Paul E. Little "How to give away your faith"

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I’ve been reading about a new way to witness in places that don’t allow it. I call it “Phonegalism” or “Open-Call Preaching”. What you do is go to your target establishment such as, the train station, waiting rooms, the bus, airports, anywhere people are gathered. Then have a friend give you call (I usually text my friend and tell him to call) a good idea would be to set up a code word that would signal your friend as to what is about to take place.

When the friend calls and you answer give them a basic “Hey Maaan” and say, “Sorry we couldn’t finish our last conversation. Do you wanna pick up were we left off?” and then you go through the good person test, the law and the gospel.You can find a more info here. You could even print out a script and read it. Maybe put it in a book or something no one would know the difference.

Its awesome because your guaranteed eves droppers and they will be getting witnessed to without any trouble from the establishment. Its even great for the shyer type who fears “one on one” evangelism.

Go give it a shot and leave your Phonegalism story in the comments box.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

64 go Door-to-Door

Last night I had an awesome opportunity to evangelize in the community. We had a team of 64 High School students from Thomas Road Baptist Church down to help. We divided into teams of 4 and covered 3 neighborhoods and an apartment complex.

I had a team of 3 and we were in charge of 4 apartment buildings. Our task: to hand out flyers for our church, a gospel tract, then try to work into witnessing. None of us had ever done this before so it was very nerve racking.

We get to the first door. Knock, knock! We wait, and wait, and nothing! This went on for at least 10 more doors. A few times we could see the light in the peephole disappear but the door would never open. About door number 11 we get an opener. A woman in her late 20’s. I hand her a flyer and nervously try to swing into the spiritual. So I pull out a million dollar bill and say, “most churches ask for money, but we at Go Church give money away! Here’s a million dollars.” She laughed and now the ice was broke and allowed me to spring into the spiritual. Turns out she was a “Christian” but couldn’t tell me why Christ died on the cross. So I helped clear up her understanding and told her to read the back of the tract and really think about what it says.

We head out to the next building and same thing, no answers. Then finally we get a bite. A lady in her mid 30’s steps out and sits on a bench in the doorway while a young girl and what looked to be her brother watched through the half open door. I was so excited! Finally someone who was willing to listen. I knew for sure I was going to share the gospel this time.

We give her our lines about the church and she seemed interested but had sort of an attitude with us. So after we finished with the church info I wanted to swing to the spiritual. I thanked her for being friendly and coming out to talk to us. I pull out an Optical Illusions and a Top 10 tract and say, “Here I have something cool for your kids” she responds really sarcastically saying, “Kids? You act like there is more then one!” At this point the son is holding a small dog over the shoulder of the daughter so all I could see was his baseball cap and part of a team jersey. Confused I respond “Your daughter and son in the door way” and she angrily replies, “that’s not my son! That’s my wife!” I was shocked and still confused. I look back in the door way and with the dog now gone I still see what looks to be a teenage boy. Now uncomfortable and still confused I politely respond, “Well your wife looks like a 14 year old boy” and of course that didn’t go well! She said something to the effect of “the Church is going down!” and we walked away.

After that mishap we were kind of discouraged. We knocked only on a few more doors and got to talk to a couple of people. I feel like I learned a lot about door-to-door evangelism. For one thing a lot of people don’t like us coming to their homes. Another thing is, be ready for anything!

When we arrived back at “H.Q.” we gathered all 64 kids and had them sit on the ground and pray for the folks we came in contact with today. After the prayer my Pastor gave a few words of encouragement and then asked if I would share my testimony and rap for the kids. So I used the opportunity to give the law and the gospel by tying it into my testimony. It was awesome! What a fun time I had doing work for the lord. I pray that he will continue to use me in the future. Amen.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Are you REALLY a Christian?

Self examination is a hard thing to do. It is painful to look within and see what lurks in the darkest corners of your heart. But the Bible tells us to "Examine yourself to be sure your in the faith" (2 Cor. 13:5). So it is something we MUST do!

There is a message by Todd Freil from the Way of the Master radio show that really gives you a kick in the chin and helps you to examine yourself. You can stream it here.

True christianity

(J. C. Ryle, "What Is Needed?" 1895)

(1) True Christianity has always taught the inspiration, sufficiency, and supremacy of Holy Scripture. It has told men that "God's written Word" is the only trustworthy rule of faith and practice in religion; that God requires nothing to be believed that is not in this Word; and that nothing is right which contradicts it. It has never allowed reason, or the voice of the Church, to be placed above, or on a level with Scripture. It has steadily maintained that, however imperfectly we may understand it, the Old Book is meant to be the only standard of life and doctrine.

(2) True Christianity has always taught fully the sinfulness, guilt and corruption of human nature. It has told men, that they are born in sin, deserve God's wrath and condemnation, and are naturally inclined to do evil. It has never allowed that men and women are only weak and pitiable creatures, who can become good when they please, and make their own peace with God. On the contrary, it has steadily declared man's danger and vileness, and his pressing need of a Divine forgiveness and atonement for his sins, a new birth or conversion, and an entire change of heart.

(3) True Christianity has always set before men, the Lord Jesus Christ as the chief object of faith and hope in religion--as the Divine Mediator between God and men, the only source of peace of conscience, and the root of all spiritual life. The main things it has ever insisted on about Christ, are--the atonement for sin He made by His death, His sacrifice on the cross, the complete redemption from guilt and condemnation by His blood, His victory over the grave by His resurrection, His active life of intercession at God's right hand, and the absolute necessity of simple faith in Him. In short, it has made Christ the Alpha and the Omega in Christian theology.

(4) True Christianity has always honored the Person of God the Holy Spirit, and magnified His work. It has never taught that all professing Christians have the grace of the Spirit in their hearts, as a matter of course--because they are baptized, or because they belong to a Church. It has steadily maintained that the fruits of the Spirit are the only evidence of having the Spirit, and that those fruits must be seen! It has always taught, that we must be born of the Spirit, led by the Spirit, sanctified by the Spirit, and feel the operations of the Spirit--and that a close walk with God in the path of His commandments, a life of holiness, love, self-denial, purity, and zeal to do good--are the only satisfactory marks of the Holy Spirit.

Such is true Christianity. Well would it have been for the world, if there had been more of it during the last nineteen centuries! Too often, and in too many parts of Christendom, there has been so little of it--that Christ's religion has seemed extinct, and has fallen into utter contempt!

This is the Christianity which, in the days of the Apostles, "turned the world upside down!" It was this which emptied the idol temples of their worshipers, routed the Greek and Roman philosophers, and obliged even heathen writers to confess that the followers of the "new superstition," as they called it, were people who loved one another, and lived very pure and holy lives!

Let it never be forgotten, that its leading principles are those which are least likely to please the natural man. On the contrary, they are precisely those which are calculated to be unpopular and to give offense. Proud man does not like to be told that he is a weak, guilty sinner--that he cannot save his own soul, and must trust in the work of another--that he must be converted and have a new heart--that he must live a holy, self-denying life, and come out from the world.

Yet, this is the Christianity which is doing good at this day, wherever real good is done. The only religious teaching which can show solid, positive results--is that which gives prominence to the doctrines which I have endeavored to describe. Wherever they are rightly taught, Christianity can point to fruits which are an unanswerable proof of its Divine origin. There are myriads of professing Christians who have no life or reality in their religion--and are only nominal members of Christ's Church. Except for going to church on Sundays, they give no evidence of true Christianity. If you mark their daily life--they seem neither to think, nor feel, nor care for their souls, or God, or eternity. Men and women who crowd churches on Sundays--and then live worldly selfish lives all the week--are the best and most efficient allies of the devil.

True faith is not a mere "mental assent" to certain theological propositions--but a living, burning, active principle--which works by love, purifies the heart, overcomes the world, and brings forth much fruit of holiness and good works. Let us live as if we really believed every jot and tittle of Scripture--and as if a dying, risen, interceding, and coming Christ, were continually before our eyes!

Find more puratin Devotionals at

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Best Gospel Tracts: The Way of the Master

I think some of the best Gospel tracts available today are all found at
Living waters is the ministry of Ray comfort and folks from The Way of The Master.

My first suggestion for what to buy would be The Way of the Master book. If your already familiar with this evangelism style I would then suggest getting their Sample pack to see which tracts you like. Some of my favorite tracts include. The Million and Billion Dollar bills, The Curved Illusion, Optical Illusions, 10 most popular things Scratch off, Ticket to heaven, and, the wages of sin

Some the other "must haves" from living waters.

Thanks a Million. This is one of the best books i've read in awhile. Your like a "fly on the wall" to some awesome witness encounters started with a million dollar bill tract.

What did Jesus Do. A great book that shows from scripture how Jesus and the Apostles used the "Law then Grace" approach to evangelism.

Herman Who. This DVD by Todd Friel is a great introduction on how to properly read and interpret scripture. It is very educational and entertaining at the same time. It will change the way you read the scriptures.

Terrified. An MP3 CD by Todd Friel that allows you to listen in on real life "one on one" conversations. These conversations will encourage and equip you to go and share your faith. Rember that this is a CD with 26 Mp3's so it will not play in most regular Cd player. You will need to drag them off the Cd into your ipod or itunes to be burned.


Way of the Master is a great ministry with alot of great stuff to buy. But some of the gems are actually free! you only have to know where to look.

Some of the best messages you will ever hear can be found on this page . My favorites are, Hells best kept secret, What Hollywod believes, militant evangelism, true and false conversions and Kirks version of hells best kept secret. Another message that is a little harder to find, but is a must listen, is Todd Friels message "are you really a Christian." This is one of those examine your self messages.

There is also a page that is often overlooked on and it is the past media page. This page has all kinds of video, audio, and other things that have been mentioned on the radio show. Speaking of the show! This has to be the ultimate FREE resource that will equip you as an evangelist and grow you as a Christian. It is The Way Of The Master Radio show. You can download shows here.

Hope this helps you find some cool stuff that will inspire you to share the Word.

Free pocket sized Gospels of John

The Pocket Testament League is another great resource. Here you can get "pocket sized" Gospels of John for free! They come in a few different translations like NIV, NLT, ESV, and KJV. You can choose from a dozen different covers that appeal to the "type" of people your giving them out to. They have ones for solders in the army and navy, for hunters, sport fans, trades people and more.

It works like this. If you cant afford the Gospels you will be given a sponsor who will cover all costs. This way is great if you cant afford them but takes a few weeks to process. If you have the money to buy them you will receive them allot faster and at only about $1.00 a piece you cant go wrong. I paid for mine and got them in less then a week.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Amazing encounter #1

IMG_2018Yesterday was amazing! I had an awesome opportunity to share Christ with an old friend. Let me tell you the story.

It all started a few days ago. I was at the barbershop when my barber, a good friend of mine, told me about a mutual friend wanting to get baptized. I thought it was awesome until he informed me that it was possible our friend might be a little confused as to what baptism actually is.

After I left the barbershop my old friend was on my mind. That’s when I remembered that I had gotten his number from my barber a few months earlier. So now I knew I had to call him but I was nervous (you know how it is calling old friends) but I knew it was my duty as a Christian to help him examine himself. So I prayed for the courage to call and the wisdom to handle it rightly. It had been over 10 years since we had heard from or seen each other and in those days I was a VERY DIFFERENT person.

I finally dialed the number and made the call. After some catching up he told me that he heard from our barber that I was Christian now and that he himself was planning on being baptized. He said that he had been baptized when he was young and “It didn’t work” and that “Maybe this time it would." So I explained to him the actual purpose of baptism. I told him that "it was an outward sign of an inward faith” and that the people witnessing the baptism should hold him accountable for his actions now. Then I told him I would love to meet with him to share with him some other truths he might not know (Like the true gospel).

Two days later I gathered up more courage to call and see if he was available to meet me. The timing was great! 30min later we met up at Fazolis (I just love their Alfred.) At Fazolis I cut right to the chase. “What do you think it takes to get to heaven?” His reply was text book, “Be a Good person and follow Jesus." I then asked if he was a “good person” of course he thought he was until I showed him the mirror of the 10 commandments. He then proved himself a liar, a thief, a blasphemer and an adulterer at heart like the rest of us.

As he heard this his whole demeanor changed, his mouth was stopped. It was beautiful! This tattooed up, 28 year old, father of 6 began to weep!!! All I could think about was
James 4:9 “let there be tears for the wrong things you have done. Let there be  sorrow and grief. Let there be sadness instead of laughter, and gloom instead of joy.”
When I finally gave him the good news of the gospel and he realized that Jesus died on the cross and took the punishment for his sins. His tears of sadness turned to tears of joy! I then asked him if he wanted to pray he said yes and began his prayer out loud, in a busy restaurant, by saying, “Lord God, when I came in here today I actually thought I was saved” and through his tears he confessed his sinfulness and asked for Gods forgiveness!

It was so amazing that God used me to carry such a wonderful message of salvation and then to actually witness someone receive it was CRAZY!!! So please do not get discouraged in your witnessing there are many people out there like my friend that need to hear the gospel presented clearly and biblically. so stay faithful.


Updates on Shawn:

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Christ the A-Z By: Emeal Zwayne

I heard EZ use the following in his sermon at the Transformed Conference in Fort Myers and thought it was quote worthy! It is in reference to the character of Jesus.

  • To the Artist, He is the Altogether Lovely One.
  • To the Builder, He is the Chief Cornerstone.
  • To the Chef, He is the Bread of Life.
  • To the Doctor, He is the Great Physician.
  • To the Educator, He is the Master Teacher.
  • To the Filmmaker, He is the Famous One
  • To the Geologist, He is the Rock of Ages.
  • To the Horticulturist, He is the True Vine.
  • To the Intellectual, He is the Wisdom of God.
  • To the Jeweler, He is the Pearl of Great Price.
  • To the King, He is the Prince of Peace.
  • To the Lawyer, He is the Judge of all the Earth.
  • To the Manufacturer, He is the Creator of All Things.
  • To the Newsman, He is the Glad Tidings of Great Joy.
  • To the Oculist (in search of the light), He is the Light of the World.
  • To the Philanthropist, He is the Gift of God.
  • To the Queen, He is the King of Kings.
  • To the Rabbi, He is The Messiah.
  • To the Scholar, He is the Truth.
  • To the Theologian, He is the Author and the Finisher of our Faith.
  • To the Undertaker, He is the Resurrection and the Life.
  • To the Visionary, He is the Revelation of God.
  • To the Waiter, He is the One who came not to be Served but to Serve.
  • To the X-Ray Technician, He is the Word of God before Whom all things are naked and bare
  • To the Youth, He is the Life.
  • To the Zoologist- He is the Lion of Judah, and the Lamb of God

Monday, May 12, 2008

Urban evangelism

Ive been evangelizing for awhile now and because of my background and my community I often witness to people from the "urban" crowd. It seems that I relate better with them as I am one myself.

Since Ive started handing out tracts I've always wanted something I could give to the people that like me listen to rap music. Well I found the perfect stuff.

A Tupac and Biggie gospel tract

A gospel tract w/CD featuring some of the most biblically sound Holy Hip Hop Artists of today. You can see a flash presentation and hear all the songs here

"The Drop" drive by evangelism

I thought this was a great video that shows an easy way to hand out lots of tracts. especially if your a bit shy.

Gospel test

"A good test for any gospel message is this. Did the speaker give his listeners something to believe, not did he give them something to do." Charles Ryrie - Basic theology

Sunday, May 11, 2008

"Drive by Evangelism"

These are evangelism tips for those of us to busy or to shy to hand out gospel tracts face to face. These are some ideas Ive gathered from The way of the master and my own experiences. I like to call this "Drive by Evangelism"

Place one in the ATM machine before you leave (here is a "credit card" tract). Leave a $1 Million Bill in the tube at the bank drive-through, and put one in the tip jar at Starbucks. Place $1 Million Bills sticking out of your shirt pocket, and people will ask you about them. How great to have lost people asking you for gospel tracts! Every time you go to a gas station, leave a tract in the credit card slot at the pump. (here is a "credit card" tract)The next person will have to take it out to put his credit card in, and will appreciate having something to read while he’s filling his gas tank. IQ Cards fit great in any credit card slot.1

Stuff it: Stuff tracts into boxes of beer in the beer isle at your local grocery store. My wife likes to stuff them (Especially the Million dollar bill tract) in the pocket of the clothes at the store. Go to the wallet isle and stuff them with Million Dollar Bills or card size tracts in the credit card pockets (here is a "credit card" tract). Behind the gas pump handle. Between CD's at the Music store. stuff 10 commandments pennies and coins in the change slot of vending machines and Pay phones. Diaper bags in the baby isle. In letters to family or when paying bills.

It is such an awesome thing knowing that you are being faithful to the word of God and people are receiving the gospel. My prayer for those who are to shy to hand them out to a "real person" is that they just give it a try. You will find that its very easy and very rewarding.

What other ides do you have for leaving tracts?

1. taken from the Evidence Bible

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Almost Got Away

Saturday is one of my favorite days of the week. It is the day I get to get with my fellow men from church and fellowship at our "Band of brothers" mens ministry. We always have such an awesome time and learn so much from each other.

As usual me and my best friend David go out to eat after the meeting. But this week we decided to go down to our local out door mall "The Loop" and fish a little. This was especially cool because this would be Davids first time fishing. I mean he's spoken to the people close to him and handed out gospel tracks in what I call "Drive by Evangelism" but has never tried to go up to a stranger and share his faith.

So we hop in our cars and start to drive there. we were kinda pressed for time because he still had his final exam for our romans class to take. So we took what we thought would be a short cut and ended up stuck in a bit of traffic. As we're sitting at one of the last lights I notice coming in the opposite direction was some of our old friends from like 10 years ago. So we pull a U turn and try to catch them at a gas station they were pulling out of.

We end up catching there attention and they got out to talk with us. The driver Patrick was a real good friend of Davids as was the passenger Carlos. I had met both of them a few times before but never had any relationship with them.

So after a bit of catching up we were able to talk to them one on one. I with Carlos and David with Patrick. We led them both through a couple commandments and then the gospel. They were really convicted under the law and understood the gospel rightly . I was really proud of David, he did a great job. I think he has a gift.

After this we went to Shanes Rib Shack and handed out some tracts and thanked God for the opportunity to share. Please pray for the souls of Patrick and Carlos.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Romans class over!!!

Im so excited!! After 8 weeks of studying the book of Romans at LU through the DLP program, I am finally done!! It has been a very hard and tiring 8 weeks but it has been well worth it. Romans is one of the most theological books in the bible. Paul lays down everything from justification to Christian living. I have learned a ton from this great book of the Bible.

Finishing this class is bitter sweet. On one hand I am excited to be done with all the reading. but on the other hand im going to miss the great truths that were revealed daily through this book. Im sure ive only learned a fraction of what is in reality The Book of Romans but the things I have learned to date have greatly reshaped my life. Praise God!!!!!

Now its summer for me and I decided not to take any classes. Instead my best friend is going to lead me through a program called One on One with God. This is going to be a great change of pace. having done all kinds of classes and gaining all kinds of mostly factual wisdom, it will be awesome just to grow more spiritually and spend the summer just getting "One on One with God." I'll keep you posted.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

One of the coolest things to ever happen to me

This is old news but it still excites me so i want to share it with you.
last month I was in Birmingham, Alabama for the Association of Related Churches "All Access Conference". The conference was about the behind the scenes of church planting. It was held at huge church called "Church of the Highlands." This church is only 7 years old and has built an amazing facility at a price tag of 10 million plus!!!

Anyway, like most conferences there were allot of speakers on schedule which was cool. But on the second night we get a surprise visit from the late Dr. Jerry Falwell's son, Jonathan. Who is now the Pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church and taking his dads place at Liberty University (the school I attend). This was really cool for me because ive never seen him in person so I for some reason was kind of star struck.

Well turns out he and my pastor are friends and I had an opportunity to speak with him and share a brief testimony of what God has done in my life. It was so cool! I called my wife and was telling her all about it. But wait thats not the end. the following Sunday I'm flipping through the channels and I see Jonathan speaking so I stop and watch. As I was watching I'm straightening up my house and tending the kids when I catch him starting to talk about the conference we attended so I stopped to listen. He starts talking about a young man he met in Alabama who used to be on drugs when he finally attends a church service and he get saved and his whole life is changed. At this point I'm thinking "huh, that sounds like my story must be pretty common" then Jonathan says "And the church he was saved at was a church in Orlando, FL. under Pastor Barry Rice (My Pastor). My jaw hit the floor I could not believe it! My testimony being used on TV to be seen all over the world to show the Power of GOD!!! I'm still blown away by that!!

You can watch the sermon here

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Let the bloggs begin

Alright this is it I finally jumped on the Blogg bandwagon! It has been along time comming but now you actually get a peek into my humble little thought life for whatever its worth. Im definitely excited to start this adventure but I must say Im also little bit nervous. The problem is that I have terrible spelling and grammar skills. This is something that really keeps me from expressing myself and sharing the truth about Christ in this kind of format. So if you see a comma, in a, random, place, please forgive me. You might also see alot of run on sentences and multiple capital letters In the Middle of a sentence and on sentence paragraphs and... well you get the idea.

A Little About Me

The most important thing that you need to know about me up front is that I am a, Born Again, Sold out, Follower of Jesus Christ. God rescued me from the bondage of Sin about 3 years ago at a funeral and has been so gracious to me since. First of all just for removing the scales from my eyes to see the truth of the gospel. He has also allowed me to have the boldness to share His glorious gospel almost everyday since. He has blessed me with a Holy Hip Hop Ministry that has reached thousands of people like me with the gospel. He has also given me the gift of evangelism which I am so thankful for. I really love sharing the gospel with people and seeing them saved!!

This is one of the intended purposes of this blogg. I want to share some of the witness encounters that I have in hope that it will teach and encourage you to go out and win the lost to the Lord! I also want to give you an insiders view of a growing Christian and share with you some of the cool tidbits I learn as I attend Liberty University and study the word for myself.

I hope this will be a blessing!

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